IoT Summit Speakers and Presentation Guidelines

Presentation are carried out by video projection, employing either MS PowerPoint or Adobe PDF. Tthese are the only acceptable formats.

Please bring a USB memory stick your containing your presentation in either MS PowerPoint or Adobe Acrobat PDF. Bring duplicate copies just in case any issues.

Speakers should avoid excessive marketing of their products and service during presentation. Our experience has shown this will leave a negative perception with the audience.

Make sure to adhere to the conference schedule and limit your talk within the allotted time. Complete your presentation few minutes before to leave time for couple of questions and answers.

Handout the USB to session chair or Audio Visual coordinator at the event to preload into the computer and make it ready for your presentation ahead of time. Email a copy of your presentation, for review to conference chair before March 9th.


Slide Preparation & Presentation Guidelines

  • Use Large, Bold fonts as much as possible.
  • Use fonts that display well at low resolution. Sans-serif fonts such as Arial and Helvetica work better than ones with detailed features (serifs) such as Times.
  • Avoid using busy foils, try one idea per slide and use less text and more pictures.
  • Use simple and contrasting colors. Avoid using red over blue or vice versa.
  • Pay attention to contrast, employ light-on-dark, or dark-on-light in all text and diagrams.
  • To ensure compliance to these guidelines, email a copy of your presentation, for review to the conference chair a week prior to the event.