IoT Summit 2017 Panel Discussion, March 17, 2017

Business & Career Opportunities in Internet of Things

This panel discussion attempts to explore business and career opportunities in IoT. The Internet of Things (IoT) is promising profound changes in the way people work, study, entertain, travel, as well as how businesses are conducted around the world. Some have gone as far as calling IoT the next Industrial revolution. Today, internet connected devices are being touted from door knobs to smoke detectors, cars, baby diapers, health monitors, etc. with new products coming to market and many failing in rapid successions. As IoT is transforming the business landscape and creating enormous opportunities worldwide, many in Silicon Valley and elsewhere are wondering if the excitement about IoT is short lived or it is different and why? What are the killer apps, challenges, and roadblocks? What does an explosively growing IoT market means to my career? What and where are job opportunities? What area of IoT is the most promising for employment? What areas are ripe for innovations and development of products and services? What pitfalls to avoid? What opportunities to pursue? How can I invest in IoT? The panel will attempt to answer these and other important questions as much as time would allow.


Panel Moderator:

Rozalia Beica - Dow Electronic


Renil Paramel - Gartner
Douglas Humphrey - HPE
Alan Messer - InnovationShift

About Rozalia Beica

Rozalia Beica Rozalia Beica

Rozalia is Global New Business Development Director in Dow Electronic Materials Strategy and Marketing Group. Rozalia has 25 years of international working experience across various industries, from industrial, electronics and semiconductors. For the past 17 years, Rozalia was involved in the research, application and strategic marketing of advanced semiconductor technologies, with global responsibilities at specialty materials (Rohm and Haas Electronic Materials), equipment (Semitool, Applied Materials and Lam Research), and device maker (Maxim IC). Prior to joining Dow, Rozalia was the CTO of Yole Développement market research firm. Throughout her career, Rozalia has been actively supporting industry activities worldwide: Program Director of EMC3D Consortia, General Chair of IMAPS Device Packaging and Global Semiconductor and Electronics Forums, Technical Advisory Board Member at SRC, chairing and participating in several committees (ITRS, ECTC, IMAPS, IWLPC, 3DIC, EPTC, ESTC, CPMT). She has over 100 presentations and publications (including 3 book chapters on 3D IC technologies), several keynotes, invited presentations and panel participations. She has won several awards, including 2006 R&D 100 International award. Rozalia earned a M.Sc in Chemical Engineering from Polytechnic University "Traian Vuia" (Romania), a M.Sc. In Management of Technology from KW University (US), and a Global Executive MBA from Instituto de Empresa Business School (Spain).

About Renil Paramel

Renil Paramel Renil Paramel

Renil Paramel is a Vice President with Gartner with over 20 years of experience, including 18 years of management consulting experience, serving clients in Business and Technology divisions of various Fortune companies. Based in Santa Clara, Mr. Paramel advises C-level executives in solving problems and providing strategic recommendations related to Internet of Things (IoT), Technology Governance, Operating Model, Technology Portfolio Management, Technology Strategic Planning, M&A Technology Integration, Risk Assessment and Technology Assessment. Mr. Paramel also has prior experience successfully setting up a software development business unit with P&L, Marketing and Business Operations responsibilities and co-founded a multimedia startup that focused on music and singing for South Asians. Mr. Paramel graduated from University of Mumbai with a Bachelor of Engineering degree in Computers. Mr. Paramel also earned an MBA from University of Pittsburgh with an emphasis in Marketing and Systems. Prior to joining Gartner over eight years ago, Mr. Paramel worked for Accenture and Deloitte for several years.

About Alan Messer

Alan Messer Alan Messer

Dr. Alan Messer has been a worldwide leader in advanced software and intelligent services for connected consumers for 20+ years. Currently he is working on a stealth startup, but previously Alan was Vice President of Software and Innovation and CTO of Global Connected Car eXperience at General Motors where he led GM’s work on products, platforms and future technologies for the Connected Car and Services. Before General Motors, Alan was Vice President of Advanced Software Technology at Samsung Electronics covering Internet of Things, Intelligence, Privacy, Mobile Social/Media, Content Delivery, and Cloud Services. Alan has also worked at a variety of other consumer electronics companies including HP, Sony Electronics and startups. Alan also serves on numerous industry organizations, industry organization board of directors and with analysts/media.



About Douglas Humphrey

Douglas Humphrey Douglas Humphrey

Douglas is the Cyber Security Lead for HPE’s Universal IoT Platform, where he helps design solutions for smart cities. He is also a member of HPE’s IoT Architecture Working Group. Prior to joining HPE in Palo Alto he was Director of Product Development at Spheric Security, a situational awareness startup, and led Cyber Security software development at eBay. Douglas was sponsored by HP to study Management and Technology at Stanford University, and earned an MBA in Finance from Columbia Business School. Previously he was Co-Founder and CFO of, an investor relations startup serving high-technology companies. Douglas was also an investment banker at Wall Street firms including Goldman Sachs and Deloitte for over ten years. In his spare time he has been a Founding Member of the new SJSU Center for Cyber Risk Studies, and serves on the Boards of several Cyber Security startups.